Thursday, July 16, 2009

A very unique Product, by Silvia Romeo. Check this out!!!

A one of a kind product, The Gourmet Collection was created to help you leave your Recipes behind as a legacy to your family and generations to come. Picture someone, years from now, selecting a recipe from your Album and thinking about the person who created it. Create your Albums in style, with photos and your very best treats! With each set, you will get a Blank Page, to scrap your recipe, and a ready to use Recipe's Page with my own best recipes. If I may say so myself, lol, I can cook pretty well!Give it a try and if you like it you can add it to your Album. Enjoy!!!

With The Gourmet Collection Set 01, you get the Front Cover and Back Cover of your Album. View it HERE at Digitals, HERE at NDISB, HERE at Gotta Pixel or HERE at ACOT.

Your actual Album starts with The Gourmet Collection Set 02, the first Set of Recipes. You will get 02 Quick Pages, one Blank and one with a Recipe. You can look at it HERE at Digitals, HERE at Gotta Pixel, HERE at NDISB or HERE at ACOT. Believe me, this is really Yummy!!!

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